Tuesday, January 10, 2012

May be MIA for a bit

I just wanted to let everyone know this blog may get a bit silent for a while.  I'm moving back to California in 10 days, and there's a lot of packing and other miscellaneous stuff to get done.  I might get to do another post or two but I'm not sure. I thought I might at least do a Quote me Tuesday today, but seeing as I'm reading a Charmed comic, (or Graphic Novel if you prefer) it's a bit difficult to do. The quotes aren't really too meaty or challenging. But it's a nice break from all the packing.

Before I get to be at home with my family I'm going to stay with my best friend for a week since I haven't seen her in a year, and I don't know if I'll have internet access there. But when I get back online at the end of January I'm sure I'll have a couple of reviews and lots to talk about.

Happy reading everyone!

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