Monday, January 2, 2012

Newbie Mistakes....sorry guys!

To anyone who is subscribed to me by email....if you have gotten a bunch of emails with edits of my post put up for the day, I'm sorry!! I'm completely new to the blogging sphere, (here at blogger anyway,) and I'm not sure if it's sending you out updates of each and every edit I've made or not. And I know I've made quite a few today. That'll teach me for not perfecting my blogs before I publish them.

I was just really excited about this most recent one and went to publish it after only two or three readthroughs, and then when I looked at it again, I realized that in my excitement I made a bunch of mistakes and left things out. Sorry about that everyone! I promise no more edit emails tonight.


kimba88 said...

your probably ok, the email feed pulls once a day and sends email out the next day around 10am central time

Melissa said...

Thank goodness, lol! Thanks for letting me know. :)