Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Freakout

Today's Friday freakout has been long in the making and there's no end to it yet.

Thankfully,  the city I'm living in offers discounted transit passes for people with disabilities. (I have Cerebral Palsy.) Not so thankfully, they make it very difficult to actually obtain the application form for the ID card that you must have to be able to purchase and  use these discounted passes.

I have been trying to have this information mailed to me for the past 5 weeks now. When I first went onto my city's  transit site, I tried looking for a downloadable form. No luck. The link for the pdf of the form isn't even there, it's just a bracketed phrase saying (click here to print application.)

I looked for a number to call. The number I found leads you to an automated system where they ask for your name, phone number and address. I have called that number once a week for the past month with nothing being sent.

Then I tried Twitter. I found my local bus company's twitter and sent them a tweet asking about  how to get an application.. No luck there.

Last Thursday, I called the  transit office for the entire county. The woman who answered last week promptly took my information and said they would get something out to me right away. Fast forward to today when it's over a week later. Do I have my application forms? No.

So I call the same county office line. I explain the situation, and the lady very quickly (and somewhat rudely) tells me that I need to call another number, quickly rattles it off, and hangs up on me. I called the number and it's the same number I had already been calling! So I call back to ask if there's somewhere I can go to pick up the application in person. I get the same woman who says " I already told you you have to call that other number" very snarkily.

I said to her. "I understand what you told me, but I've been calling that same number for the last 5 weeks and haven't received anything. Is there somewhere I can go to pick this application up in person?"

Her response?

"Well, um I don't know I think at City Hall but I don't know where their office is there so don't ask me."

To which I said, "Thanks so much for all your help" and proceeded to hang up on her this time. (Immature, I know, but it made me feel slightly better.)

Then I decided to call the first number back one more time to see if I could get a person in their office. I hit 9 for a rep and then heard "You must call back during business hours. We're open Monday through Thursday 7:30 to 5 pm and every other Friday."

Well, apparently today was not the right Friday. So now I have to try calling back again on Monday to see if I can either go somewhere to pick this up or finally get someone to send me this form.

It seems like way too much hassle just to save a little money, but being that I'm still trying to find a job, every little bit counts.


Sim Carter said...

Oh poor Melissa! I would be FREAKING OUT with a capital F!
Sometimes you can get past all the message nonsence by hitting 0 (zero).
Not sure why but I read that someplace and it seems to work ... sometimes!
Good luck!

Melissa said...

Thank you so much! I'm glad I'm not I will try hitting zero right away when I call on Monday and see if that works.