Sunday, April 8, 2012

Darn Feedburner!

I think I may have accidentally ruined my blog updates, because it doesn't seem to be updating anywhere properly. It's not updating at Igoogle. Feedburner kept telling me that my file size was too big and I've tried all of the recommended solutions for fixing that with nothing working. I ended up getting so frustrated that I deleted the feed accidentally, so I do apologize to all of my subscribers who were following by email, I didn't mean to delete you! I had to change my blog URL by one letter and I lost all of my email subscribers.

I have since been able to create a new Feedburner feed so if you want to subscribe by email using the box in the top left corner of the blog you can.

I'm currently on the lookout for other ways to link up to my blog. Does anyone know of a good email subscription service that I can add rather than  contiuing to use Feedburner?

1 comment:

kimba88 said...

Feedburner is the best. So sorry you are having problems.