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Behind the Blog 21: Cherry Fanatic


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This week's theme is Food

We all have a basic necessity to eat. Without food our bodies can deteriorate. It takes a long time, but it will happen. If you’re reading this, then you probably have the luxury of choice when it comes to food. With that in mind, what is your favourite food? Are you a sweet tooth or do you favour the savoury?
In relation to media, have any books or films given you a craving for food? Or made you want food you’ve never tried before?

When it comes to food I'm a pretty basic eater. I like simple, easy to make food. I'm not really one for fancy dishes, though I will try them every once in a while. But when it comes down to it, I like simple, home cooked meals.

It's so hard to choose my favorite food. I have a lot of different foods that I like a great deal. If I have to choose though, I'd probably say mashed potatoes. They, along with popcorn are my ultimate comfort foods. They're completely unhealthy, but they're so good. 

And, thanks to Dearran, I'm completely spoiled and don't really like microwave popcorn anymore. I'd never had popcorn cooked on a stove until he made it for me. And now, I can't go back. Although we did end up getting an air popper so not needing to use oil makes that significantly healthier. But, I haven't had popcorn since I saw him last, so I'm missing it a bit. I could make it myself, but I just haven't thought to buy any, and I'm afraid it won't be as good.

If I had to pick a favorite dish, I'd choose sheperds pie because it combines so many yummy ingredients, mashed potatoes, veggies and beef. You can also do different variations on the type of meat if you like.  When I was in Canada last year, Dearran and I made a version using some moose meat a friend had given us. It was really good, but also a bit heavy. We've also thought of doing a version using ground turkey.

My favorite flavor has to be Cherry. I love cherry flavored foods/drinks. Cherry Coke is my absolute favorite soda. It's not manufactured or imported into Canada, so when I was there I went quite a while without it until my best friend sent me some. They also don't make or import Cherry Poptarts, so she had to send me some of those too. And of course I love cherry yogurt, jam, and ice cream. Plus Tim Horton's makes awesome Cherry Cheese danishes. Unfortunately those wouldn't hold up or I'd have Dearran send me some.

Since I like basic foods I'd say I'm more of a sweet tooth. I also really like to work on creating healthier versions of dishes and using healthier ingredient substitutes. In my baking, when I'm doing cakes and muffins I almost always use applesauce instead of oil. To help give the dish a little more moisture and bind together better I do a 1:1 ratio of applesauce instead of oil but I always add in one tablespoon of oil in addition. The applesauce doesn't chance the flavor at all and it's so much healthier than just using oil. I was shocked when I looked at how many calories are in a quarter cup of oil which is the standard measurement for some muffin recipes, there's 500 calories. Compare that to a quarter cup of applesauce where there's 50. It's a big difference. You can use applesauce with cookies too, but because the cookies really need to bind together well, it's best to do half and half, so you can substitute half of the butter or shortening for applesauce.

I also like to try vegetarian dishes every once in a while. Dearran and I were doing some cooking once, and we had a lot of veggies to use up, so we decided to make a vegetarian chili. It was so flavorful that you would have never even known that there wasn't meat in it unless we told you. 

Books/Media Tie in:
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There are a lot of books and movies that center around food, and here are just a few that I liked:

In addition to the interesting stories, this book had my craving pain au chocolat by the end of it. I sooo want to to try that some day.

In addition to the camaraderie of the characters, there are some great baking recipes in this book.

So now that this post has undoubtedly made you hungry, (I know I am!) tell me what some of your favorite foods are!

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