Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Post 14th Edition

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Last Week on Melissa's Midnight Musings:
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This week has been a little light on posting, but I promise that there's a lot more to come next week, Next week is going to be packed full of author interviews and giveaways. I am reading, I promise, but the reason I've been so light on reviews is that the last few books I've read have had to do more with the paranormal/supernatural so I'm trying to save those reviews for October.

Don't Forget to Enter the numerous giveaways that are going on right now! Head over to my Current Giveaways Page to check them out. 
There's the Fresh Start September feature long giveaways that end September 30th. Also, there's a giveaway for a  paperback of "Scrambled' a cozy mystery by Kathryn Jones.

And there'll be  lots more giveaways to come in the next few weeks, all of them very exciting.

Before I let you know what I've got planned for next week, lets take a look at what brought people to Melissa's Midnight Musings this week:

This Week's Search Terms:
"Zane new book release"-  I featured a promo post some weeks back on Kimberely Lewis's novel, "Zane the Mckades of Texas" so it's nice to see people looking for that book. There were a couple of variations on this term.
"Crank Ellen Hopkins blogspot" I reviewed Crank a while back. Can't wait to read another book by Hopkins.
"Rafflecopter giveaway linky" That's an interesting one. I have several giveaways posted and several more to come in the next few weeks.
Friday the 13th blogspot" Maybe they took a look at my Behind the Blog post about Friday the 13th.

And now, on to what's coming up this week!

Coming Up This Week:
  • Interview with Niall Leonard, author of Crusher as part of Fresh Start September. (This post will be going up later today)
  • A Giveaway for a signed copy of Whoever You Are by Donna Marie Lanheady
  • Behind the Blog:  Since Fall is coming, we're talking about transformations. Here's this week's topic: As we head into Fall, with the leave changing all around us, the trees becoming skeletons of their former selves,I’d like to think about transformations. How have you changed or transformed in your life? What parts of yourself have you left behind? In relation to books/media: Who are some characters that undergo major transformations (figurative or literal?)
  • A Guest Post and Giveaway with Deb Atwood, author of Moonlight Dancer.
  • An interview with Hannah Harrington, author of Speechless, as part of Fresh Start September.
So as you can see this week is full of some great interviews and giveaways. Be sure to stop by and enter them all.

Now for this weeks' book haul. This week's haul is extra special because of an awesome anniversary present that I received a bit early. (My 7 year anniversary with my boyfriend is on Monday, but he let me open this special gift on Friday since it arrived then. That'll be at the end, saving the best for last.)

This Week's Book Haul:
Clicking the links will take you to Goodreads' descriptions


I won Then Came You in giveaway at Books of Love

I won Borrowed Heart in a giveaway over at Me My Shelf and I

From the Author/Publisher For Review:

From Left to right, starting at the top:

Heaven or Hell by Roni Teson. Roni also sent a wonderful note along with the book.
Life Got in the Way by Deborah Davis, who also sent a nice note and bookmark along with the book.

The publisher from Mystic World Press was amazingly generous and sent me three copies of Beautiful Wild Rose Girl by B. Magnolia. This is a new independent children's publisher based in San Francisco, dedicated to bringing kids quality books that are handmade. I have one printed copy here and two handmade copies.

Cadence Beach
Cadence Beach by Linda Juliano

Rick & Wylie's Fantastical, Magical Adventures (Journey to the Kingdom)

Dottie and Weasel: Lemonade Fiasco (The Adventures of Dottie and Weasel)
Dottie and Weasel Lemonade Fiasco (this image and link credited to

The Man With the Green Suitcase

I will be having some giveaways for some of the books pictured above. I won't tell you which ones, just to keep you guessing.

I want to say a huge thank you to all of the authors and publishers who sent me books for review this week.

And last, but certainly not least......

A brand new Kindle Fire HD! 
He pre-ordered it so I got it the day it came out.

I squealed with giddiness when I opened this.

A million thanks to my wonderfully sweet boyfriend Dearran for buying it for me for our anniversary. He knows me so well, knowing that  the way to my heart is through books!

So that's my haul for the week. I got quite a lot of books, now if I only had more hours in the day to read them all. Be sure to leave me links to your hauls so I can stop by and check them out!


Tanya Patrice said...

Woohoo!!!! Your boyfriends rocks - that's an amazing gift. I'm sure you'll love loading it up with books :-) Have a great week.

Book of Secrets said...

Ooo! Congrats on your new Kindle Fire!
My Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday

Somewhere Only We Know said...

Wow...great week for you! I know you're stoked about that Kindle Fire HD! That's pretty awesome!

Check out my IMM & SP.

Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

Steph said...

Wow! A brand new Kindle Fire!! How awesome! You got quite a few different genres in your haul - I hope you enjoy them all. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

Your boyfriend sounds like a keeper :). Awesome. I look forward to the paranormal reviews in October. Congrats on the wins and the haul. Have a lovely week and thanks for being a part of The Sunday Post

DBookWhore said...

WOW!! The brand new Kindle Fire! I hope you enjoy it. I have the gen one fire.. Not such a fan! I hope gen 2 ironed out the issues. Enjoy your haul!


Bea said...

Happy anniversary! What a nice present, your boyfriend is definitely a keeper. :)

Between the Fire, the books you won and the all the books you received for review, you had a great week. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary... Enjoy your haul and happy reading..

Jenea @ Books Live Forever

Melissas Midnight Musings said...

@Tanya: Thanks! :)

@Diana: Thank you!

@Sandy: I'm definitely stoked about the Kindle! Thanks for stopping by!

@Steph: Thanks! I do have quite the mix here, I'll never be bored with all these different genres. :)

@Kimba: Thanks! He's definitely a keeper for sure.

@Danielle: Thanks! I remember you telling me you weren't such a fan of the Kindle because of the glare. From what I've noticed, the glare is a bit better on this version because of the new smoother screen technology that they're using with this version.

@Bea: Thanks so much!

@Jenea: Thanks so much!

Doctor's Notes said...

Wow so cool. I hope you love your Kindle Fire. Thanks for stopping by.

@MelissaJoLynn_ said...

I'll have to see what you think of that Jennifer W. book. I've been wanting to read it. I love that author and her hilarious tweets during the Bachelorette show lol. Thanks for stopping by today

Christi said...

Great stuff this week, and congrats on the Kindle! No one will ever really know how many books you own now LOL Enjoy!

gautami tripathy said...

You have had a busy week! Have a wonderful week ahead!

Here is my Sunday Post.

Christina said...

Kindle fire! Fanciness! Hope it's awesome.

Also, I have a copy of Then Came You from BEA, so I really hope that's good too.

I haven't heard of the others, but may they all bring you joy!

ellepaulette said...

What an awesome haul! I can't wait to see what you think of the new Kindle Fire HD!!
Happy Reading!
My Sunday Edition @ Paulette’s Papers

Melissas Midnight Musings said...

@Doctors Notes:
Thank you!

Thank you for stopping by here, too~

Thank you! I know, it's already filling up with books and I've only had it a few days, LOL

@Gautami Tripathy:
Thank you!

Thanks! I'm really enjoying the Kindle Fire so far.

I'm loving it so far! :D

Celine said...

Ohhh congrats on the Kindle! That's a great gift, and it's so shiny! Hope you enjoy it (:

Melissas Midnight Musings said...

Thanks! I had a moment where I just wanted to leave it in the package because it is so new and shiny.