Thursday, October 25, 2012

Behind the Blog 25: Halloween

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This week's theme is: Halloween

Halloween is almost here! Halloween is a day of scares, candy and fun. It’s also a day of spooky legends and scary lore. Some say that the veil between this world and the “Otherworld” is at it’s thinnest, which allows beings like ghosts, demons, spirits etc. to enter our world. Do you believe this is true? What is your favorite Halloween memory, tradition, or costume? What are your Halloween plans?

In relation to books/media:
What are some scary books that you’d recommend? What about horror movies?

I'm usually a wimp when it comes to scary movies and even scary stories. It really doesn't take much to creep me out and give me goosebumps. In the same vein, I'm really easy to scare. Too easy, even.

When I was younger, my dad had this creepy old man mask, that he would put on once my sister and I were distracted carving pumpkins. Then he'd come into the room and scare us. Sometimes he'd say something in a creepy voice, like "Who's got my golden arm?" Other years he'd just come in and say one of our names. I used to burst into tears every time I saw him in the mask. I get so engrossed in things that if you come up behind me, or touch my shoulder or even just say hi and I'm not expecting it, I jump about a mile, whether it's Halloween or not. Compile that with thinking that my dad aged 40 years in the span of a few minutes, and it's no surprise that I burst into tears. (Maybe that's why getting old scares me so much?)

The thought of the veil between our world and the "otherworld" being at its thinnest is an intriguing thought. Though if a demon, spirit, or ghost wanted to access our world and they could, I don't think they'd have to wait for Halloween to do it. It would be easiest for them to slip in on Halloween though, that makes complete sense. With everyone dressed up, they wouldn't be noticed as easily.
I have to say that's one of the things I enjoy about Halloween. Even though I haven't dressed up in years, I like the idea of being able to be somebody else, without fear of retribution or criticism.
I don't have any plans for Halloween. I might do some sort of baking. Maybe something pumpkin themed. Other than that I'll likely just hand out candy. Maybe have a Charmed marathon (surprise surprise).
Like I mentioned, I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to scary movies and books, so there aren't really any in particular that I can mention for the media tie in.
What's your favorite Halloween memory?
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Anonymous said...

My family don't celebrate Halloween - it's a lot bigger in the USA than in England/Africa/Australia, I think. The dressing up part has always been the bit that most intrigues me - what kind of things did you use to dress up as when you were younger?

I'm pretty easy to startle too - my brothers went through a phase where they liked to jump out at me, and it got so bad - I was so stressed out - that our Mum put a household ban on jumping out at me! I do NOT like the sound of your Dad's creepy mask. UGH!

Melissas Midnight Musings said...

Awww, it's not nice that your brothers scared you so much. Hopefully there was a bit of karma for that in the form of a prank or two, lol.

I dressed up as a witch a couple of times, a clown, a black cat, a pumpkin, and a skeleton when I went through a phase where I liked the Goosebumps books. So nothing too extreme.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, one of my earliest memories is dressing up as a black cat for an aunt's 21st birthday. I was probably about two and a half? I remember being incredibly proud of my tail. A pumpkin sounds pretty funny! And talking of pumpkins, you should make pumpkin scones. LOVE pumpkin scones.

Melissas Midnight Musings said...

Wow, you have a great memory, I don't think I can remember to when I was that young. The pumpkin costume was very bulky, lol. But, it did keep me warm at least. Pumpkin scones are a great idea. I've never made scones before so I'll have to try it out.