Monday, October 1, 2012

It's All in the Numbers Birthday Giveaway! Open Internationally!

Hello Fellow Readers!

I'm thrilled to announce that today is the start of my It's All in the Numbers Birthday Giveaway

My birthday isn't til October 11th, but I want to put this up now so you'll all have plenty of time to enter.

This is going to be a really special birthday for me in terms of the numerology of it.
My 27th birthday is going to be on October 11th. My boyfriend calls this my triple really cubed birthday (little inside joke) since it's my 3^3 power  or last exponential birthday that I'll get to have. I call it my "Charmed" birthday since their motto is "The power of three"

This birthday is also special for me since it's what I call my "sequential" birthday, because of the date. 10/11/12
It looks so cool written out like that! Not many people get to have sequential birthdays, so I'm hoping that this will bring me some good luck for the next year of my life.

Also, if you add the numbers of the date together it adds to 33, which is another multiple of three. And 2+7=9 of course. Pretty neat!

So since this is going to be a special birthday for me, I wanted to do something special for all of my readers  and hold a giveaway for all of you. This Giveaway will be INTERNATIONAL.

What's Up For Grabs:

3 winners will each get 1 book (or more than one book ONLY if you want e-books) of their choice up to 9 dollars USD
So each winner will win a prize of book(s) totalling up to 9 dollars per winner
Up to 9 dollars per winner X 3 winners = 27 dollars = more fun with numbers!

Giveaway Details: PLEASE READ before entering

International readers will have their book shipped to them via The Book Depository (Please make sure The Book Depository ships to your country before entering the giveaway. Check that list HERE)
International readers will only be able to have a book shipped to them via TBD because not all e-books have international distribution rights so I wouldn't want you to end up picking an e-book and not being able to download it because of rights restrictions
US Readers will have their book shipped to them via either The Book Depository or depending on pricing. If you are a reader in the US and you are chosen you will have the choice of having either a physical book valued at up to 9 USD or a combination of e-books totaling no more than 9 dollars If you choose the e-book option the book(s) will be gifted to you via

There is only 1 MANDATORY entry, but it's easy. You must tell me whether or not you are in the US or International. If you don't do this EASY but MANDATORY entry, all of your other entries will not count. All other entries are optional, do as many or as few as you like.
This giveaway will run until 12:01 EST on 10-28-12
Winners will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond to their notification email before another winner is chosen.
You DO NOT have to be a follower of Melissa's Midnight Musings to enter. Anyone who does choose to follow is appreciated. :)
All entries will be verified, any false entries will be removed.

Go ahead and enter below!
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Melissa's Midnight Musings is NOT responsible for packages that once they are shipped. Melissa's Midnight Musings is NOT responsible for packages that are lost or damaged in the mail.


Rachael Browne said...

I'll admit it, I'm super jealous that I can't have a sequential birthday! I am terrible about picking favorite anythings . . . birthday, gifts, movie, color, food, you name it. That being said, I have fond memories of my 4th birthday. It's one of my most coherent early memories lol. It was a family party and I remember my older sister dressed me up in a fancy dress and put some makeup on me lol. There are a couple pictures that I have from that party and in one of them my brother is making the most ridiculous face that I burst out laughing every time I see it, so for that reason it is a "favorite".

e. said...

definitely a car on my sixteenth birthday!

alexandrasscribblings said...

Oooh, that's so cool! I love how all the numbers have worked out. The ancient Celts thought that 3 was a lucky number, and nine was a magic number because it's three threes, so would that make 27 a number of miracles and amazingness? Yes. Yes it would. :-)

Jessica ( frellathon ) said...

Well happy birthday. I can't recall anything that really stands out money I guess. And I already know which book well ebook. Wool the ombibus. I hear it's awesome!

I just posted a giveaway myself come see you may like what I'm giving away

Veronika said...

Happy Birthday to you! The best gift was when I got a huge box of books! best present ever! Thank you for the giveaway!

TayteH said...

Happy Birthday! Best gift? Hmm....OH!! My snuggie! :D

Melissas Midnight Musings said...

That birthday sounds like fun!

That's awesome!


I didn't know that. That makes it even better! And yes, I agree, 27 is the number of miracles and amazingness! :D

Thank you!

Thank you! Huge boxes of books are great birthday presents!

Snuggies are great aren't they? I use mine all the time.

Stina Butcher said...

The best birthday gift I ever got was my first horse. Sure, he's the most crotchety, annoying, pain-in-the-butt animal I've ever met. But he introduced me to riding and I love him!

alexandrasscribblings said...

In terms of presents, one of my random favourite presents ever was from my little brother, then about three or four. He bought me a bunch of fake pink roses. I hate fake flowers, but I love these ones because he saw them and decided I had to have them. Bless!

izz said...

In my family we usually don't celebrate birthday so I don't have any special birthday celebration.

Lexi said...

I got a bird once and it died the next day, so I guess that's not a very good example! My best gift was probably the huge load of Barnes & Noble giftcards I got.

jonababez said...

I got books as birthday presents!
And a DVD of One Direction from my boyfriend!

Happy birthday to you!

Frida said...

My best birthday gift was my system camera, which I totally love and use almost every day. :)

Lesley D said...

My best birthday gift was a book signed and personalized by one of favorite authors, Michael Connelly. Happy birthday!!

Unknown said...

This year will be 12-12-12 for me. Cool,I think. My favorite birthday celebration is my 16th! My cousins gave me the V.C Andrews Flowers in the Attic series. The books had just come out. I loved the gift! We ate Pizza,McDonald's,Sandwiches and Praline and Cream Ice Creme. Birthday cake too. (1977) A fun time!
The Pizza Place is gone now:(
Cyndee Thomas

Sophia Rose said...

That's cool about the sequential birthday thing. Mine never stood a chance for that to happen. My most memorable birthday was when we had shorts and t-shirt weather and an 'outside' bbq for my birthday (Feb in the upper mid-west) because its usually not weather-conducive to that sort of thing.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

GirlforChrist said...

Looks amazing--thanks for doing this giveaway!

JuneA** said...

Happy early Birthday..27! I'm jealous! :) A couple of years ago, my (then 15 yrs old) came to spend a week with me-the big day itself, we shopped, visited museums, ate and of course, visited bookstores!

nurmawati djuhawan said...

happy birthday :)
my great birthday gift ever is a cat from my pa :)

Anonymous said...

my greatest birthday gift is a necklace from my grandma, aretha zhen

Olivia Tan said...

my great bday it was 2 years ago. my boyfriend proposed me. wouww!

thanks for the chance ^^

Krista said...

My friends threw a surprise birthday for me when I was younger. It was awesome.

Cassandra! :D said...

When I turned sixteen I had a 1+6=7 birthday party and we all drew with chalk and played with bubbles, ate kiddie foods and did childish things. It was great! :)

Kayla (Lelvzen) said...

My sister came home from France on my birthday

Sarah Kalaitzidis said...

Best birthday I ever had is when all of my friends are over my place and we just sit and talk and stuff. That's like at almost every party hehe! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Jolene and Family said...

I was living in California and missed my family. The best birthday was when my mom flew in to surprise me. Wasn't expecting her and I had a big surprise when I opened the door and saw her there

Lilian S said...

i have my sequential birthday on 2008, and my birthday present is mom and dad come to my boarding home. I live separately with my parent since 2000 so after 8 years not have my parent when i'm birthday, so it's a memorable birthday present for me

Erika said...

When I got my first DSLR Canon Rebel camera years ago! That was the best present ever!

Melissas Midnight Musings said...

A horse is a pretty awesome present.

Awww, that's adorable. :)

That's okay :)

@Lexi: Barnes and Noble Giftcards are great! I haven't been to a B&N store in a long time.

@Jona: Thank you!

@Frida: See, the type of presents you use all the time are the best kind because it shows how well the person knows you and that they thought a lot about it to make sure it's something you would really like. :)

@Lesley D.: Thank you! Getting a personalized book is so cool!

@Cyndee: 12-12-12 is very cool! Your 16th sounds like it was a lot of fun. :)

@Sophia: Thank you. Shorts and T-shirt weather in February is definitely a reason to celebrate birthday or not. :)

@JuneA: Thank you! That birthday sounds like it was a lot of fun. :)

@Nurmawati: Thank you! A cat is a sweet gift to get. :)

@Aretha: A necklace is always a nice gift, but even better from someone you love. :)

Olivia: I don't think anything can top a proposal!

@Krista: I've never had a surprise party, I think that would be awesome.

@Cassandra: A 1+6=7 birthday is an AWESOME idea.

@Kayla: That's great, shows just how much she cared to come all that way. :)

@Sarah: Sitting and talking is my kind of party too. :)

@Jolene: That is a wonderful surprise!

@Lillian: That sounds like a nice birthday :)

@Erika: I'm no photographer but I know Canon Rebels are good cameras, so that's awesome!

khal khaleesi said...

My best birthday present I've ever gotten was my computer =D


Blodeuedd said...

Happy Almost Birthday :)

Best bday ;)

Dovile said...

The best birthday present was my first mobile phone.

Zena Paige said...

Since my parents are afraid of getting me things that I might end up disliking, they usually give me money and I get to buy things with it. Usually books. :)

Stephanie Verhaegen said...

Happy birthday! :D
Best birthday gift would be from two years ago when I got a hair straightener and a cd of Placebo from my mom. :]
Thanks for the giveaway!

Kristall said...

My best birthday gift was a little puppy, with big blue eyes, named Bella. Now Bella is huge - really huge, but I stiil love her.

Leonor (Ner) said...

Hey, my bday is on the 12th October, one day after yours, and I too have a giveaway going on to celebrate it. Though I don't turn 27, I'll be turning 24 :) Feel free to check it if you like:

Okay, my best bday was last year when I turned 23... I went to see my favourite band (Within Temptation) live on that day and it was amazing. My sister and brother-in-law offered me the tickets and went with me... I loved every single bit of the concert since I never went to one of their gigs (or sold out tickets or no money :S).

Yah, that was my best bday :)

I know it normally gives bad luck but, happy birthday ;-)

marian said...

my friend took me to go to a private performance and meet and greet with a singer i liked

Diah Didi said...

My 17th birthday, somehow 99% gift I received had the same color: blue. But the best of all, a blue watch from my dad. I still wear it for 13 years. :)

Bookie Bee said...

My best birthday gift would have to be the car I got on my 18th birthday!

Kassiah said...

Hmmm the best birthday present I ever got was perfume from my kid. He paid for it himself :)

hotairballonsandpages said...

Best present would be my little sister, who was born two days earlier than my birthday :D Thanks!

Julie Rupert said...

Best present was a car for my 17th birthday.

Alu said...

best birthday is in new years's eve

Lynn K. said...

My parents got me a Wacom Intuos tablet last year! I was so deliriously happy cause I wanted it for so long. :)

Isa said...

My best birthday was when I turned 16, I ate amazing sushi for the first time, watched Tangled and then hung out with my friends. We carried my cake to a restaurant after the movie and had a great time talking and laughing the night away. Thank you. :)

Spav said...

The best birthday present I ever got was a laptop.

*Jam* said...

I love when I get books for birthday and this year I got Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin which I'm reading right now.

Thanks for the giveaway!

siriusyareader said...

My kindle was definitely my best gift:) I use it al the time. Glad you enjoyed your birthday.

Pauline Tolentino said...

that one big greeting card my friends gave me. :)

Anonymous said...

My best bday present was going into labor with my daughter on my 22nd bday...

K Chuu said...

Best birthday present ever: my guitar.

Sabina said...

I don't really remember my birthdays. Lately they have all been non existent or sad. My birthday is in four days time (22nd) so I spoilt myself and bought some books this week. =) Does that count!

Sabina @ Delirious About Books
October Celebration Giveaway

Jessica Jackson said...

One year (I was probably 12) I got a really awesome sketch book for my birthday! Now, I don't think much of it. But I was so happy when I got that thing! XD

Kelly said...

Can't really remember any good birthdays. I remember more of others birthday's though!

annejude said...

Happy Birthday!
When I was five years old I got little puppy called Rex from my uncle, so that was one of my best birthday.

Kah Cherub said...

When I got my puppy (now grown), Black. ;)

Will Decay said...

My favorite birthday party was probably my 21st. I had a night on the town with around a dozen of my friends and it was a really great time in my life as well.


Jennifer @ A Librarians Library said...

Your birthday this year is all sorts of special! That is so cool! =)

I don't know if this is my best birthday or not, but my birthday earlier this month I got to spend an entire day with my husband. No work, just a day of being spoiled (habachi for lunch, steak n shake for dinner) and hanging out with hubby. It was a much neeeded day for me! And, he gave me two books heehee =)

Jones said...

Can't really remember any good birthdays. I remember more of others birthday's though!