Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Sunday Post 18th Edition

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Last Week on Melissa's Midnight Musings:
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It's been another super busy week on the blog and the upcoming week is just as busy!

Coming Up This Week:

  • Review of Phoebe Who? by Emma Harrison
  • I'll announce the winners of the giveaway for Rick and Wylie's Fantastical, Magical Adventure by Andi Katsina
  • Review of Dream Magic: Awakenings by Dawn Harshaw
  • Review of Fire Baptized by Kenya Wright
  • Dr. Lesley Phillips, author of The Midas Tree will be stopping by to share her thoughts on past lives.
  • The theme for Behind the Blog this week is Siblings: Every family is different. This week we’re asking you about yours. Do you have any siblings? If you do, can you tell us anything about them? If you don’t, did you have any friends who felt like siblings to you? How has the ideas surrounding brothers and sisters shaped your life?
    In relation to media; are there any sibblings in books or films that you truly love? Any that you wish were your own?
So, as you can see, it's going to be another jam packed week here at Melissa's Midnight Musings. I hope you'll all stop by and check out these great posts I have lined up.

Also, don't forget to enter my It's All in the Numbers Birthday Giveaway which is open INTERNATIONALLY

Search Terms:

I'm only going to do the top three this week

"happy thanksgiving" There were 7 different people who found this blog using that search term.
"dirk danger loves life" This is really funny book. You can find my review of it HERE
"Canadian thanksgiving memes" That one is pretty self explanatory.

Now onto the books! This week will also include some other media as well since I got a few pretty cool gifts for my birthday that I wanted to share.

This Week's Book Haul:

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*all book cover photos and links credited to Goodreads unless otherwise noted



Torched by Andrea Lynn Colt
I won this in a blog giveaway over at Lost in Literature

All Things Different
All Things Different by Shawn Underhill
I won this in a giveaway over at Getting Your Read On

The Wedding Cake Girl

The Wedding Cake Girl by Anne Pfeffer
I also won this in another giveaway over at Getting Your Read On

I won Last Chance Christmas by Hope Ramsay in a contest that I saw on Facebook. I wasn't notified that I won beforehand, so this was an awesome surprise. This actually came wrapped in red tissue paper inside the envelope and it came with that card in the corner as well as the angel ornament. This came in the mail on my birthday so it was like an extra present to open.

From Author:

Frank Nappi was kind enough to have his assistant send me an early copy of his newest novel called "Nobody Has to Know" The cover info and links for it aren't available yet but it is supposed to be released this coming Tuesday.

From the Library:

Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer

Both of these were on hold for me at the library after waiting several months for them.

Media and Books From My Birthday:
I have some awesome presents to show you guys. Some of it is book related, some of it is more on the media side.

My awesome, amazing, wonderful boyfriend bought this for me because he knows I've wanted it for a long time. It's full of replicated pages from the "Book of Shadows" and has the whole show on DVD (I already have the whole show and will eventually be getting rid of individually boxed seasons)

He also got me:

This is a classic movie.

He got me lots of other things too, he really spoiled me, but those are the only media related items. I'm lucky to have such a fantastic boyfriend.

My family got me:

I love TBBT and can't wait to play this game

 I love soda and now that we have a sodastream I'll love trying out the recipes in this book to make homemade soda.

My family knows how much I love to bake so they got me this awesome baking cookbook full of delicious recipes 

They also got me a great case for my Kindle so now it'll be protected. I got a bunch more stuff, because my family is awesome and really spoiled me, but that's all the book/media related gear. I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful family who knows me so well.

So, that's all the books and other great stuff I got this week! What did you get in your book hauls this week? Leave links and I'll be sure to stop by!


emaginette said...

I think your organizational skills are showing. :-)

Synchronized Reading said...

You got a lot of awesome things this week :) Thanks for stopping by My Haul :)


Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

Wow..lovely haul, and cool surprise book with ornament. So glad your birthday was fun and love all your stash. My daughter is reading Inbetween the Lines for her contemp. English class as a senior in high school..isn't that cool. You've been having amazing things on the blog and look forward to the week ahead. Thanks for sharing your news on the Sunday Post!

siriusyareader said...

Wow, I love your book haul. Thank you for posting this!

Christy LoveOfBooks said...

Happy belated birthday, Melissa! You got some great things this week, and you can't go wrong with Dirty Dancing. :)

Somewhere Only We Know said... got a huge haul this week! I think that might be the exact same cover I have for my Kindle Fire. Oh and I LOVE Charmed. Good choice boyfriend!

Check out my IMM & SP.

Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

Melissas Midnight Musings said...

@Emaginette: Thank you. :)

@Janina: Thanks :)


That is pretty neat about your daughter reading In Between.

@Siriusyareader: Thanks!

@Christy: Thanks! Dirty Dancing is awesome.

@Sandy: Oooh another Charmed fan yeah! That's pretty cool that you have the same cover.

Naomi Hop said...

Awesome haul!! And you are super busy! I can't believe you got the Charmed book! That is so cool, I'm always watching re-runs....

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Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace