Thursday, December 20, 2012

Behind the Blog 32: A Day at the Movies


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Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions are wonderful. They are unique from family to family and they can build some of the happiest memories of one’s life. What are some of your favorite Christmas/holiday traditions? Or, what are traditions that you hope to start in the future?

In relation to books: Are there any books or movies that you absolutely must see or re-read during the holiday season? Are there any books or movies that you’ve seen/read that have some unique or unusual traditions?

When I was younger, one tradition that I really enjoyed was going to the movies on holidays. I don't remember when we started going, but we used to go on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some days the theater was really packed, other times, it was completely empty. The only movie that I actually remember seeing on a holiday is The World is Not Enough.

Another tradition that we have is that on Christmas Eve, we open one present. Usually, it's new PJ's. No matter how many pairs I have, I always love getting new pajamas.

I haven't thought about it too much, but I do know that I want to start Christmas traditions in the future. I'm not sure what kind of traditions, but I know that I want to start some, because I like the familiarity of them. I like the comfort of knowing that it'll be something that gets done and looking forward to it, because traditions bring a lot of joy and comfort. One thing that I always do already, though this doesn't really count as a tradition is I always write Christmas cards. In the age of technology the written holiday card or holiday newsletter is like a dying art. So that's something that I always want to do because writing them gives me as much joy as receiving them.

Books and Movies:

The only book that I can think of of the top of my head that has a Christmas tradition in it would be Harry Potter and the Christmas sweaters made by Mrs. Weasley. Getting handmade things is always wonderful, because you know that person put their time, love and care into making it.

I don't really have any books that I have to re-read during the holidays, but if I can catch it, I always like to watch It's a Wonderful Life. The first time my dad tried to get me to watch it I remember whining that I didn't want to because it's in black and white. I can't believe I ever protested, because I really love it now.

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