Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April Reading Recap

Well, if I thought March flew by, then April zipped by in a flash. April was a busy month for me personally, but not so busy reading wise. I started a new (almost) full time job. It was supposed to only be temporary, for 30 days, but as of right now I'm scheduled to June 1st, which I'm absolutely thrilled about (and hoping to be kept on beyond that). As a result of this new job I didn't have nearly as much time to read.  Here's my April recap:

Books Read:

David's Song by A.R. Talley 4 Stars

(I only read two books this in April and, I didn't even realize that til writing this post)


Books Read: 2
Average Rating of Books Read in April: 4 Stars
Average rating of Books Read in 2013: 3.52 Stars
Favorite Book: They were both equally good
Total Pages read in April: 578 pages
Total Pages read in 2013: 5596 pages

Obviously April was not such a great reading month but I've already read one book so far this month so I'm hoping to at least somewhat improve this month. Has anyone read these two books? If so, what did you think of them? Let me know!

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