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Review: Marcie

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Today I'm sharing my thoughts on Marcie by Carly M. Duncan as part of the tour being hosted by Pump Up Your Book.

Title: Marcie
Author: Carly M. Duncan 
Publisher: Createspace
Published: May 10, 2013
Pages: 304
Format: Paperback
Source: Received in exchange for an honest review
My Rating: 2 Stars

When Kate's mother, Marcie, dies mysteriously she is forever tormented by the many questions surrounding her mother's death. In Marcie's absence Kate clings to her mother's husbands, searching for solace.

As family secrets are revealed Kate works to build her own life and family, but the mystery of her mother's death sidetracks her until she finally gets the answer she's always hoped for.

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Melissa's Musings:

This book starts off very well. It starts off with action, pulling you in and making you want to know more. Unfortunately for me, as the book went on, it just didn't have quite the same pull.

Marcie is an interesting character, bouncing from husband to husband yet getting all of her blended families together at the holidays. Not too typical of divorced couples. Marcie is also not really cut out to be a mother, her children just left in her wake of her careless actions, Kate in particular. 

Kate harbors a lot of hate toward her mother for abandoning her and moving to Guam. And, for not really being a "motherly" type in general. And while I do see where some anger could result, it just isn't fleshed out enough for me to really care. I found myself questioning whether the "hate" (Kate uses I hate my mother as a phrase a few times) is really even warranted.

One aspect that I would have loved to see more of is Kate and Charlie's relationship. It seems very sweet, but also  little too simple. It felt like there should have been more to it. Charlie is very sweet and understanding, which is just what Kate needs. But, as a couple they were a little too perfect. I felt like there should have been more of a conflict between them. And all we really see of Charlie is what Kate tells the reader in relaying letters from him and events that occur for them. There is little to no actual dialogue between them.

The main aspects of the book that really kept me from connecting to it had to do with structural issues, and finer details. Unless I misread,  Kate's name is never actually used in the book. I remember having to look at the synopsis to find out what it was after reading about 40 pages in and realizing I hadn't seen it. I think this may have to do with the fact that the story is mainly narrative, and there is very little dialogue. As a result, I found it very hard to connect with Kate. When such a basic detail is missing it's difficult to connect with her character on a deeper level.

The flow of the story felt a little off as well. It is written in a series of alternating chapters that sometimes go between past and present day but then move forward in time. For me, rather than moving the story forward it felt choppy. These felt more like a series of random vignettes than a naturally progressing story.

The book is a quick read. And, there is a bit of a twist at the end. Readers who enjoy an element of mystery will enjoy this aspect of the book. But the lack of connection for me made it somewhat of a letdown.  While there were some aspects of the book that I did enjoy, I found that ultimately, this book did not work for me.

If you like stories with travel elements and uncomplicated romantic relationships, you should try this book.

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About The Author:
Carly M. Duncan is a television producer by day and a writer whenever there is time. She loves baking, scripted television and is working on easing her addiction to her too-smart-phone. She lives with her husband, two daughters and beloved Westie in Brooklyn, New York.

Her latest book is the chick lit, Marcie.

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kimbacaffeinate said...

Great review Melissa, if the alternating chapters are done right, I enjoy that aspect, sorry this came off as choppy and I know I would have pulled my hair out looking for the MC's name :)