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ARC Review: Broken Truce

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Title: Broken Truce
Author: D.D. Chant
Series: Broken City #2
Publisher: Self Published
Published:  February 1, 2014
Source: Received from Author in exchange for an honest review
Format: Document format
Pages: 342
My Rating: 3 Stars

Life isn't turning out the way that Deeta thought it would. With the Lewises defeated and peace between the tribes, she'd believed that the dark times were in the past.
However troubles between the tribes continue and the Andak council has selected Tom as their ambassador and chief spokesman to the other tribes.
Deeta knows that there is still much resentment against the Andak, that Tom is in danger every time he leaves the safety of Andak city.
Struggling with her own complicated feelings against the tribe that she is now a part of, Deeta tries to ignore the changing attitudes growing within her.
Then Tom is betrayed and with the whole City thrown into great danger, Deeta finds that reality can't be ignored forever..

Melissa's Musings:

The book starts out with us finding out that Tom and Deeta are now married, as are Jan and Tom's brother (one of many) Ryder. There is a fragile truce between the tribes as they struggle to rebuild and possibly find peace in their broken world. But, they are being threatened by a tribe who is not happy with Andak rule.

There is a lot of banter between the characters throughout the book. Deeta and Tom, Jan and Ryder, and Deeta and Jan all have good ebb and flow of banter within each of their relationships. I liked it as a tool to break up the action and serious points, but toward the end of the book it did feel like it was starting to wear  somewhat thin.

The main focus of the book felt to me to be the action between the tribes and how Jan, Tom and Deeta all get caught up right in the middle of it. The book is very fast paced, so anyone who likes a page turner will enjoy this.

The familial relationships and friendships still feel somewhat confusing to me, even with the background of having read the first book in this series. I just feel that there are too many relationships and too many brothers and uncles etc. to keep them all straight. I like that the author is promoting the strength (or in some cases lack thereof) of family bonds, but I think this could have been more simply executed.

The dialogue felt a little, lax in some places. It felt too informal, so I couldn't really get into the story quite as much. But I also think it worked in some spots, just in terms of the personality of the characters. I'm not sure if I really like this element or not. 

Overall, this is a solid story, and I'm interested to see how it will end.

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