Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Reading Challenges

Happy New year everyone!

I hope everyone had a nice time ringing in the new year. I was asleep when the clock struck 12, since I had to be at work at 6 am this morning.

I didn't feel I should do a 2015 recap post since my reading was pretty sparse last year. But, I did update my reading challenges page to include my progress with last years goals, so you can check out those updates if you're interested.

If I'm honest with myself, this years reading will probably not be all that much better, since I'm planning to make a major move within the next six months, so that my husband and I can finally (!) start our lives together. That will take a ton of time and planning to get that all done. Which means a lot less time for reading. But, I'm going to set some simple goals and see what I can accomplish.

This year my reading/blogging goals are:

  • To read 75 books
  • To read a total of 16,000 pages
  • To write and post 1 review or general post a week on the blog
  • To send some of my books off to new homes before I move with some "if it fits it ships giveaways." For these giveaways I will be compiling a list of the books that I have to give away and letting my blog readers select the books from the list they are interested in. However many can fit in whatever box I have will be the number of books the winner will get.

What are your reading/blogging goals for this year?

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