Sunday, February 18, 2018

Random Ramblings of the Week #4

Hey everyone!

Here are this week's random bits and bobs:

Monday was a statutory holiday. So, I was off from work. I took the time to do absolutely nothing, and it was wonderful. Oddly, we did get mail delivery that day for whatever reason. (Usually mail isn't delivered on stat holidays.) The weather was absolutely gorgeous outside, and I do feel the tiniest bit guilty for not going out to enjoy it.

Tuesday, on my way home from work, I got to sit in front of a very interesting character. He reeked of alcohol, and spoke very loudly. At one point, he called a woman on the phone, told her where he was, and that he was going to stop at a gas station. He then said that since she wasn't ready to go, he was going to go into the gas station, stick his hands in the ice machine until they were so cold they hurt, and then come grab her tits. Lovely, right? Ugh.

On Tuesday night, it started snowing, much to my and a few of my coworkers dismay, but luckily it wasn't much, and it cleared up quickly.

Wednesday, of course, was Valentine's day. My husband and I usually keep our Valentine's days pretty low key. We're not into the whole hallmark holiday thing, with roses, chocolates etc. We do exchange gifts, but we both were kind of practical this year. I got him a beard grooming set, with some nice oils, a comb and a brush, and he got me a new smaller lunch bag.

 We also went for an impromptu trip to the bookstore in the mall, and I got a few 3 for 10 books. I got Luck, Love & Lemon Pie, Fake Plastic Love and The Invisibles. I've really wanted to read Luck, Love and Lemon Pie for a while, and if you bought it alone, it was 6 dollars, so it made more sense to buy all three. Has anyone read any of these?

Then we went to Walmart for a few necessities, a new heating pad, and a few random things. My husband also bought me a new purple windbreaker. I'm not a huge fan of jackets, just because wearing them makes me overly warm, and uncomfortable. But, other people get uncomfortable that I don't wear a jacket and are constantly making rude comments, especially when its raining. So,  I've taken to wearing one. Thankfully this kind is pretty lightweight. After Walmart, we went to Starbucks, and I tried the cherry mocha frappucino (thank goodness they have frappucinos since I hate coffee. Not the greatest flavor, but it was good. After that, I headed home while he headed down the street to pick up "our" pizza, which is pepperoni and pineapple, and we had that and Shirley Temples, which is a bit of a Valentine's day tradition for us.

The rest of the week dragged on a bit workwise. Our TL has been out for a bit, and we're also down 2 clerks right now, one due to vacation, so we've been able to work "flex" time. I don't know why I actually do this, because I never use flex at all. But, at least I'll have the time if I need it I guess. I finally got paid out my vacation hours this week. It was nearly 3000 dollars but I only got 2160 due to taxes and deductions, particularly since this past pay period I was automatically (mandatory) enrolled into the company pension plan. 150 dollars of that went to the pension deduction. I can't complain though, that's still pretty nice. Though if I'm honest I wish I could have used those hours to take actual vacation rather than be paid out for them. Since I'm still in my probation period in this new position as a clerk, I won't even be able to request vacation until May, when the 6 month probation period is up. And by that time, there'll probably be nothing left in terms of vacation weeks anyways, so I probably won't be able to use the hours this year, either. And the contract for this job is only temporary, until November. So unless I get another contract in this same position, I'd be in the same starting point again. I'll deal with that when it comes up though.

Friday happened to be another day of books for me. At midnight, I got an email from Goodreads, saying that I was a winner of one of their giveaways for The Word Search Oracle-Yoga for the Brain, This was my first Goodreads win in almost a month, so I was happy. I've noticed that they've been listing less and less giveaways that are open to Canada lately. Do any of you enter Goodreads giveaways? Have you won any books you've really enjoyed?

Then when I was at work, I checked my email on a break and saw that Chapters (a bookstore chain here) sent me an email saying that they topped me up to my next reward level in the points program, for a limited number of days. Only 5 dollars, but hey free points are free points, so I decided to use them. I ordered Practical Magic and The Rules of Magic. Rules of Magic is only out in hardcover right now, and the paperback doesn't come out until July, so I preordered the paperback copy. I like having paperbacks more, not to mention they're less expensive. I only order hardbacks when they're on major sale for lik 4 or 6 dollars for a series I like. I thought they would send these together in July when Rules of Magic is released in paperback, but I think they split the shipment so I'll probably get Practical Magic sometime next week.

Friday night I decided to do laundry again this week, so I could free up my Saturday and Sunday. It's a good thing too, since it snowed a bit early this morning. Now it's raining, so it's definitely going to be a snuggle under the covers and read kind of weekend.

How was your week? Did you get any new books?  Do you have anything that you want to share, dish, or vent about? Let me know!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Sounds like you had a nice week! And more practical Valentine's Day gifts work well too. Yay for some great deals on books. I haven't read any of them, but I hope they are all good reads. :) I don't like warm drinks, so yeah, I'd rather have a frappicino too.


Cricket said...

It's raining here as well right now, it might rain all week. It's also warmer than it should be for the winter. I like days that are free to relax and no work. Your Tuesday was interesting with the ice maker guy, which is so gross what he did. I hope you have a fabulous week!
Cricket @ Little Library Muse

Lampshade Reader said...

Sounds like you had a pretty interesting week! It's always fun to buy books, but even mores so when they're on sale. I haven't read the books you mentioned.

I haven't won a GR giveaway in a long time.

Hope you have a great week!