Sunday, May 27, 2018

Possible Goodbye to the Blog

I've been blogging for about 6.5 years. I've never had a ton of followers, but the few interactions I did have were, for the most part, pleasant. I review books that are usually not very popular, and I think that may have made it difficult for people to interact via my posts.

Given the new laws concerning data privacy for EU visitors to blogs, and the fact that I find it to be a lot of work to create blog posts that are particularly appealing/engaging, I may be calling an end to this blog.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has followed and commented on the blog. I'm still around via email, Twitter and GR. That info will remain up on my contact page for a while at least. I may end up making this blog private in the future.

 I do plan to still review all the titles I read on Goodreads, so if you are a GR user, please do follow me there. The direct link to my GR profile is located here if you'd like to talk books. If authors stumble onto the blog and would like to contact me for book reviews, I'm open to them.  Just be aware  that I will likely only review on Goodreads, Amazon, or Chapters (Canadian book retailer site) from now on. If you would like to send me book review requests, the email to send them to is on my contact page.

I may return here in the future, I just don't know.


Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

Oh no. I would hate to see you stop over the laws. I believe Blogger took care of you. Maybe take a break and see how you feel a month or two from now.

Melissas Midnight Musings said...

Kimberly: I thought blogger took care of it too, but I can't see the disclaimer on my page, even when I try to change it to another domain, like .fr or something, it just redirects me back to my .ca domain. I want to be compliant with the laws, but it just seems like a lot of work.

I was also thinking that just relegating myself to Goodreads might take some of the pressure off, and I may enjoy reading again. I'm slowly working my way through a backlog of author review requests from too far back to care to admit, and I think part of it was the pressure of the blog itself. I also stopped using Netgalley as well. So, I'm hoping that if I just stick with GR I'll be more selective about author review requests, (if I ever get any again) and I'll find some good reads on Netgalley too.

I may just do what you suggested though, and take a break and return in a few months. We'll see. :)

Ethan said...

I'd hate to see you go!

Melissas Midnight Musings said...

Thanks Ethan!