Saturday, January 7, 2012

Free Download of Inflection by George Alexiou: CORRECTION FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE LAUREL RHYTHM

Edited to Add: 

I just tried to download this from amazon but it wasn't there, so I went back to check goodreads again, and it's supposed to be a different book of Alexiou's that is available for free download today. The name of the free book is The Laurel Rhythym by the same author not Inflection. The note was on the page for Inflection though which is why I got a bit confused. That'll teach me to be organizing books at three in the morning and trying to do a blog post at the same time. I'm sorry to anyone who has tried to download inflection. The Laurel rhythym is along the same vein as Inflection though, the GR synopsis is :
A practical guide to empowerment, the book describes the relationship of energy, success and human behavior. It presents techniques that can help bring more energy into your life. Living a more energized life can lead to new relationships, new opportunities for success, and the experience of real joy and fulfillment. 

Goodreads Description:

 INFLECTION is a collection of works that can help readers move past the tedium, the false beliefs and mental blocks to a more vibrant and fulfilling life. Each work presents information that can deepen one's knowledge of the relationship between the "in here" understanding and the "out there" experience. When we balance life's mechanism of success "in here," the outside experience can change in a dramatic and remarkable way. It can bring the life change one has been waiting for all these years.
The material in this book comprises four individual titles that can be the beginning of that change: The Presence of Gladness - "inspiring happiness and joy in your life," At the Edge of Infinity - "becoming the best you can be," The Shimmer in the Mirror - "solving the riddles of everyday life," and The Laurel Rhythm - "understanding energy and success."(less)

I was organizing my bookshelves on Goodreads today and noticed that the book "Inflection" by George Alexiou will be free for download from amazon sites all around the world on January 8. Looking at the description it's what I would call a spiritual book. I'm very interested to read this, and thought I would pass this along for anyone who might be interested.

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