Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Freakout

None of the things in this post are actually worth freaking out over, I just like the catchy title.

My first freakout item for today actually started yesterday. I went to the bank to withdraw some money, but since the amount I needed was a bit large and I needed it in US currency, the bank didn't have it when I went in. They told me I could wait a half hour to check to see  if another teller had it when they came back from lunch, or that they could take down my info and call me the next day to let me know when it was ready to be picked up. I chose the second option and gave the teller my phone number. She told me that the rep would be calling me later on that same day to confirm the details and that they would also be calling me this morning when it was ready to be picked up.

I didn't get a call  later that afternoon. No big deal I figured they got busy and forgot. Then this morning came and went with no phone call. Now, I was starting to get a little irritated. One of my pet peeves is when people say that they will do something and then don't follow through. It really irks me.

So I went to the bank, and luckily they had it ready for me so that all turned out just fine.

Then when I dropped off that at home we checked the mail and my boyfriend handed me a card that belonged to me, which leads me to pet peeve number mail being opened by someone other than me! The envelope was completely torn open. Not just a little rip or tear from being jostled, but torn open. I don't know what they were so in a rush for that they couldn't read the name properly, or what they were looking for, but I hope that whoever opened it enjoyed looking at my holiday card.

Among the other strange happenings of the day, we had some pretty eccentric cab drivers on our way to and from  the store to pick up a few things. Thank goodness for zoned cabs here, so it doesn't cost as much as you might think.
On the way to the store, the cab driver was one of those types who tries to sound really smart, but really isn't. He kept talking about movies, and then it moved onto space and space technology. Only he wasn't making any sense. Plus my boyfriend is a super nerd, so I know what that kind of talk is supposed to be like and this guy wasn't quite hitting the mark.

Then we fought our way through walmart. It was super crowded, which I don't care much for, especially since people don't pay too much attention when it's really crowded. Or they pay a little too much attention to me in particular. But we survived.

Then on the way home, we had another eccentric cab driver. Only this time he was a little too far out there.  So much so that both of us were uncomfortable. He seemed like a nice enough guy, until you got him talking. Dearran mentioned one of his friends was looking for a roomate and found one, so we're just chatting about that and the cabbie interjects and says "Yeah I had this one roomate about 14 years ago and she was okay for a while but then I caught her stealing and told her to get the f*** out of my house that f******* b**** (I don't feel like having to give my blog an adult rating and I don't know how strict blogger is about swear words so I'll let you all fill in the words with your imaginations) and so on.

Then he started talking about how he hates when other cab drivers steal passengers and how he got out of his car to rip open the door to another cab and threaten the driver, (with a bunch of swearing mixed in.)

Lets just say I was very glad to get home.

The day wasn't all bad though. We got everything we needed at the store and stuck to the list for the most part. Plus we got some good tote containers that were on for half price. I'm especially happy since we were able to get purple ones, and, in case you couldn't tell by the looks of my blog, I love purple. Plus, we got a bundle of 10 cardboard boxes for more packing. The sign said $ 4.47 where they were sitting, which wouldn't have been a bad price, but when we looked on the receipt it said 1.77 and didn't mention anything about it being a ten pack. So either they were on a super clearance sale, or they were supposed to be 1.77 each and the cashier charged us wrong. If she did, we saved about 15 dollars.

So all in all, the day sort of balanced itself out.  Does anyone have any Friday Freakout experiences they want to share, or general pet peeves?


Jennifer said...

Haha I understand your pain.

I have daily freakouts, and that has to do with every single time I try and drive anywhere. Because I grew up and learned to drive in one of the biggest cities in the country, and then I move to a state where, apparently, no one learns how to drive period! It irks me that people do not know how to do simple things, like merge onto a highway without dropping to 25 mph, or driving not 10-15 under the speed limit. Sheesh.


Melissa said...

I can't say much about driving since I don't, but I can understand how slow drivers can be frustrating. As a pedestrian, my peeve about drivers is when they are making their turns as I'm walking toward them in the crosswalk (when the walk signs are on)

Sim said...

Hey Melissa!
I like your blog, keep it up. Your Friday Freakout story was funny. I actually finally made it to the bank today because I wanted three crisp $50 bills to send to my 3 nieces. I'd been putting it off and putting it off out of sheer lazines. Wouldn't you know it, they were out of fifties?! Grrrr. Anyway, we both made comments on another book blog - Readaholic? - so I thought I'd check you out. Also I'm new at blogging too but it's great fun, isn't it? Are you blogging from Canada?

Melissa said...


That is too funny! It's rare that I go into a bank and they are out of a denomination of money when I need it.
Blogging is a lot of fun and I really do enjoy interacting with others and sharing views. I am blogging from Canada for now, but I'm returning to the US in 2 weeks.
I subscribed to your blog today, it's nice!

Sim said...

The reason I asked is that I was raised mostly in Canada; in Toronto and then Niagara Falls. Been in LA for a lifetime though.
Thanks soooo much for subscribing!
It warms my newbie heart!

Melissa said...

You're welcome, getting new subscribers is the best!

I'm originally from California and have lived there most of my life, but I've spent the last year and a half doing a work exchange program (for a year) and some traveling for the last 6 months. What brought you to LA?