Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Feeds are broken...

Edited To Add: Apparently changing the template helped and now the blog is being sent out again, woohoo! Yay for small victories. :)

 Hi Everyone,

I'm writing to let you know that Feedburner is completely not working for me. There are errors in the XML markup that I have no clue how to fix, so my feed isn't being pushed out properly.The last post that IGoogle shows is one about 100 GFC followers, but I've published several times since then. I believe it may still be working by email, and I just set up a facebook page for the blog as well as linking blogger to my twitter account to put out updates when I post new content but since my feed isn't pushing out I don't think that'll work so I'll post them manually on Twitter and my Facebook page, so if you'd still like to get updates you can like my Facebook page, listed under

Melissa's Midnight Musings

Or you can follow me on Twitter @MidnightOrchid is my handle there.

I tried changing my template because from what I could tell that's where the errors were when I tried to validate it, but again I'm CSS and HTML illiterate so I have no clue.

This is extremely discouraging. If anyone can offer some solutions or help it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm sorry about my technical stupidity.


Amanda said...

This showed up in my feed! It must have been the template then.

Melissa said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for letting me know. :)

emaginette said...

Hey, been there done that. If you need anything just ask.