Saturday, July 14, 2012

Harry Potter References in Everyday Life

I think I've posted about my great love for the Harry Potter series here on the blog before. If I haven't then I really should. Potterthon is going on right now and while I was going to write a post about Harry Potter sometime this month, this situation couldn't fit any more perfectly and I didn't even have to come up with it. (I still will write a HP post before the end of the month though)

Yesterday, my dad, my sister, my niece  and I went out for dinner. As we were getting home and getting out of the car, my dad noticed a garter snake crawling around in the rocks around our house. He was pointing it out to my niece, who kept saying how much she wanted to see it. She looked at it for a while, and then it slithered off between a couple of rocks.

She was upset by this, and kept asking for it, saying that she wanted to see it again. We kept telling her that the snake had to go home for dinner. I made the mistake of telling her that it's mommy and daddy had called it home for dinner and this only caused her to say that she wanted to see the mommy and daddy snake too! She was going on and on about how she wanted to see the snake. She told my sister that she wanted mommy to make the snake come back.

So my sister says, completely dead pan... "I'm not a snake whisperer, you'll have to talk to Harry Potter about that"

I heard this, and burst into laughter. It was just the way she said it, and the way it fit perfectly in the situation.

Now, my niece is only two, so she hasn't read Harry Potter and of course she didn't get the reference, but that's okay. I'm sure we'll tell her about it some day when she's older.

I have to love a situation like this where something I've read comes up in everyday situations.

Have any of you ever had a situation like this where  Harry Potter (or any other book for that matter) references come up and fit perfectly in every day life situations?


muniba said...

how about where we connect all songs and their precise or imprecise meanings to it?:P

Melissas Midnight Musings said...

I'm not quite sure what part of the story you're referring to here, Muniba??