Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wow! Glowing Bride in 30 Days by Laura Pepper

Wow! Glowing Bride in 30 DaysTitle:  Wow! Glowing Bride in 30 Days
Author: Laura  Pepper
Publisher: Self Published
Published: March 21 2011
Format: E-book 
Pages: 242 pages
Source: Received from the author
in exchange for an honest review
Read:  August 29-31 2012
In A Few Words: Full of useful advice
My Rating:  4 Stars

Goodreads Synopsis:
'Wow! Glowing Bride in 30 Days' will take every bride to the most beautiful version of themselves. In 30 days. 

30 days of complete health, beauty and well-being to cover all of your bases to beautiful!

Beauty starts on the inside ... I'll give you the lowdown on the vitamins, minerals, and stress relief techniques you can employ during this month. 

Then I'll cover all you need to know about helping your hair to achieve its shiniest potential, ensure that your teeth dazzle your guests, and run you through the details you don't have the time to think about.   

-Tips for clear, radiant skin, a whiter smile, shinier hair & that natural glow 
- Fixes for bloating, puffiness & under eye circles 
- Dealing with emergency zits! & more!  

- Tone up with wedding dress workouts  
- The 12 superfoods every gal needs 
- Anti cold and flu advice! & more! 

Stress Free: 
- How to recognize & release stress 
- Confront those worries 
- Handle RSVP woes 
- Get the perfect night's sleep 
 & much, much more!! 

Your path to being GLOWING bride starts here!

Melissa's Musings:

This is a wonderful book full of useful and practical information. And the great thing about it is that while it's designed to be a guide to covering a lot of worries, thoughts, concerns before your wedding, it's also useful for everyday life. I have to admit I'm not the most girly girl, so I don't know a whole lot about makeup and skincare and all of those things, but this book taught me a lot. The sections are well defined and have a lot of useful information that is backed up by credible sources. 

One of the things I loved about this book is that in each of the sections there are specific product recommendations for each issue. This is super helpful for those of us who don't know a whole lot about makeup and skincare, because now we have an exact product recommendation for whatever issue we're facing. The author also understands that some of us have tight budgets so she gives recommendations covering the spectrum of price ranges from low to high priced items.

One thing that did bother me about this book was an issue with the formatting. I read it on my Kindle app for my computer. When I read on my computer, I  use the setting that has a black background with white font, because it seems to be a bit easier on the eyes. Well, with this book, there were a lot of chunks where the writing was greyed out, and not white font like it was in the rest of the book which made it difficult to read. I had to tilt my computer screen just so, to read it.  There were also other formatting issues where lines of text were broken up in weird places and into one word lines.

This book was also slightly repetitive but that's to be expected when dealing with a subject like this, some things do need to be said more than once.

Another great thing about this book is that while looking your best is the main purpose of the goal, this book promotes looking your best working from the inside out. There are a lot of tips on de-stressing, mental relaxation, getting enough sleep etc. Plus these things are promoted in healthy, natural ways. For example, in one section talking about facial treatments they explain the benefits of using yogurt as a beauty treatment rather than only focusing on chemical solutions.

Plus this book brings up things I wouldn't have initially thought about like making sure you take precautions to avoid being sick on your wedding day. (Wouldn't that be the worst??) And one of the most important things is that it gives advice on how to delegate tasks so you don't overwork yourself.  I'm not planning a wedding myself, but just thinking of all the things that you would have to do stresses me out a little bit.

This is an excellent book that has plenty of practical advice. I am sure that I will be looking back on this book for tips and tricks when planning my own wedding.

*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*


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This would make a great engagement gift, thanks for sharing your wonderful review.

Melissa said...


I didn't even think of giving this as an engagement, but you're right it would be a great gift. I'll keep that in mind when one of my friends gets engaged. :)

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Excellent review. Thank you for your time for sharing it with us!