Thursday, December 13, 2012

Beautiful Wild Rose Girl by B. Magnolia Review and Giveaway

Page 5.jpgTitle: Beautiful Wild Rose Girl
Author: B. Magnolia
Illustrator: Jamila Keba
Publisher: Mystic World Press
Published: April 23 2012
Format: Paperback
Pages: 34
Source: Received from Publisher
in exchange for an honest review
Read: December 4, 2012
In A Few Words: Sweet, well illustrated
My Rating: 5 Stars

Amazon Book Synopsis:

This illustrated original fairy tale, appropriate for ages 7 and up, has been awarded a Gold Medal as part of the 2012 Children's Literary Classics International Book Awards. Excerpt form review: "'Beautiful Wild Rose Girl' is a touching story with an important message of love and acceptance of one's self. There is a lovely melancholy feeling to this story which is told in a style reminiscent of the old fairy tale classics. Little girls will find many questions, and even more answers within the pages of this heart-warming book which has an enchanting, happily-ever-after ending." Summary: If everyone in the village calls her Beautiful Wild Rose Girl, why does this poor, sad girl live in a Swamp? And why, when she goes to bed every night, does she hear Bullfrogs singing to her: Trooonk! Trooonk! Trooonk! What A Stupid Ugly girl! This is a story about learning to see yourself as the beautiful person you really are. And how sometimes, to break a terrible spell, you need love, the understanding of a pure-hearted shepherd, and the help of a Very Mysterious Moth.

Melissa's Musings:

This story is sweet the overall message is excellent for children. It teaches you that you should love and accept yourself for who you are. The poor sad girl feels like she is ugly since she lives in the swamp and imagines that the frogs who live there are croaking at her telling her that she's ugly. It's only when she stops and listens to the shepherd when he tells her that everyone in town thinks she's beautiful because she lives among the roses, that she comes to realize that the frogs were actually saying that she was beautiful all along. And the roses tell her too, by letting her pass through their fields and allowing her to pick them to sell at the market, she just doesn't see it.

This is a lesson that we all can learn from, young or old. People often put themselves down, or see themselves in a negative light and are worried that others see them negatively when really, that isn't true at all.  The poor sad girl is also a strong role model for little girls as she's an example that she can support herself. It's a bit of a reversal in gender roles as she moves into town and is able to take care of the shepherd with all the money that she's earned from selling roses.

The illustrations are simple, but well done. I'm curious to see what they are like in color, but the work well in black and white. I also liked the variety of fonts throughout the pages and the additions of some smaller drawings at the bottoms of certain pages.

Giveaway Time!

When sending my review copy, the publisher was also kind enough to send two additional hand bound in addition to the paperback print I reviewed. With the publisher's permission I am going to give away one of the handmade copies for a reader of this blog!.

The handmade copies are really beautiful and unique in this day and age of modern printing. I don't think I have ever had a hand bound book before. It will be a wonderful addition to the winner's book collection.

Here is a picture of the cover and binding for the copy the winner will recive:
SC Front Full Size (1280x963).jpg

Giveaway Rules:

The giveaway will be limited to US ONLY as I'm sending the book myself.
You do NOT have to be a follower of this blog to enter. Anyone who chooses to follow is appreciated
This giveaway will follow the guidelines outlined in my Review Policy located at the top of the blog.
This giveaway will run from December 13 2012 to December 30 2012 at 12:00 am Pacific Time
There are NO Mandatory entries, do as many as you like

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