Thursday, December 11, 2014

Checking in Again

Hello to anyone who might actually see this.

I know it's been almost three months since my last post. So I figured I'd check in again. I'm reading, albeit very slowly.

Life is just too hectic right now to put the time into reading or blogging the way I want to. Work is always busy, and so is life. I feel bad that this blog has been abandoned the way it has, but something had to give, and unfortunately this was it.

I'm hoping that with New Year's coming up it will inspire me to set some blogging, reading, and life goals and stick to them. Unfortunately my reading goals for this year are going to fall woefully short. I was going to try to get 75 books read this year. Between work, and wedding planning, and everything else, I have only managed to read 18 books this year. More than the average person might read, but painfully few books for me. I'm thinking that I'll get at least one more book in before the end of the year, possibly two. We'll see. I'm still not sure where I'm going to set next year's reading goals at either.

One thing I am sure of at the moment is that tomorrow on the blog I will be giving my readers a bit of a glimpse into my personal life. My blog description states that this is mostly about books, but that I like to throw in the occasional personal post and tomorrow I'll be doing just that.

Since I've been married almost 4 months already, I'd say it's about time that I got to writing reviews for some of the people that helped out in the process and one of them was our officiant Barbara. Tomorrow on the blog I will be featuring a review of our ceremony, so come by and take a look!

I hope everyone is well, and that you are all in the middle of reading excellent books at the moment.

Happy reading!

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