Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017: My Year in Books

Hey everyone!

I'd like to share my year in books. I started out with some lofty goals most of which I didn't make, but at least I had fun trying.

 Today I'll recap some of my bookish stats for this year, and tomorrow I'll be back with some of my goals (both bookish and personal) for 2018!

I wonder how long it's going to take me to get used to writing 2018 instead of 17? My guess is at least 3 months.

Here were my goals for 2017:

  1. Read 100 books Currently I'm at 13/100    There was too much going on to make this. I changed it to 40 a while ago, and can successfully say I have read 40 books
  2. Read 17,000 pages 10,843. Close-ish but no cigar. Goodreads also counts pages differently in some cases, so my total is what I actually read, but won't necessarily match up with the GR totals below.
  3. Read 15 unread books on my shelves: Currently, I've read 21/15 Here's one I actually surpassed! A combination of books that already were on my shelves and a lot of new ones that I won via GR this year.
  4. Check out and read 15 library books  I managed 15/15 here. I stopped being able to go to the library after my lockout at work ended, but I still managed to make this one!
And, here's my year in books according to Goodreads.

Some Stats That I Tracked Myself:

Number of Books Read: 40
Shortest Book: 28 pages
Longest Book: 470 Pages
Average Number of Pages: 274.5 pages
Number of Pages Read: 10,980
Sources: I owned, or someone bought for me: 9/40 (22.5%)
Library: 15/40(37.5%) Goodreads Giveaway Wins, past and current years 16/40(40 %)
New To Me Authors: 33/40
Average Rating:  3 Stars
Average Number of Days Spent Reading Per Book: 5.47 Days
(Some of these took a really long time for me to get through

I was very fortunate this year with Goodreads Giveaway wins. I started entering giveaways again in July of this year and was fortunate to have won 24 books.

Do you have any 2017 accomplishments you want to share? Please let me know in the comments!

Check back tomorrow to see my 2018 goals.

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