Sunday, February 11, 2018

Random Happenings of the Week #3

Hey guys,

I haven't done a random happenings post in a while, because not a whole lot of stuff has been happening. Or at least I haven't been taking note of it.

This week's been at least a bit more interesting. I started out with yet another cold. My 4th in 5 months. This one's pretty mild, thankfully. And I tried the onion by the bed trick a few nights to help me sleep. It seemed to work. But, I'm really really tired of this whole being sick thing. Hopefully this will be the last cold for a while.

Work has been interesting with different changes and exchanges between coworkers. Some of the exchanges have been driving me a bit crazy. I swear that place may be giving me gray hair. I noticed one in the mirror in the morning one day,and the next morning I saw two more. Thankfully this weekend is a three day weekend for Family Day, so I'll get some extra time to recharge. And then next week will be a short week which is also good.

I had another transit adventure this week. This one was pretty painful. I was on the bus after work on Tuesday, chatting with a coworker on our way to the Skytrain station. Apparently the light turned red when the driver was really close to an intersection. He jammed on the brakes, and I went flying onto the floor. According to my coworker, I lifted about 2 inches out of my seat. I hit a woman's rolling cart on my way down. My crutches kind of went flying (I was holding them in one hand instead of wearing them, probably saving myself some injury)

Luckily I wasn't badly hurt. My pride was hurt more than anything, at least that day. I did end up with a couple of odd bruises, but they're fading now.

On Friday, I got a phone call around 6 pm from my pharmacy. They were calling about my birth control prescription which I filled last month. I thought it was odd, but then the pharmacist explained that there is a recall on a certain lot of the pills I take, so she was just calling to check the lot numbers with me. Luckily mine weren't affected. I was impressed that the pharmacy was being proactive and reaching out to the people who take that medication to make them aware.

Saturday, I went to do a bit of necessary (and some unnecessary) retail therapy. I had planned on going to the bookstore, but decided against it because the bookstore was on one side of the mall (across the street) and away from where I needed to go. But, I still ended up getting a couple of books anyway, at Walmart. I bought A Wrinkle in Time to read ahead of the movie coming out in March. And I bought a book called Thursdays at 8 by Debbie Macomber.

I also ended up getting a new purple comforter, a comfy nightshirt, some socks, and a windbreaker jacket. The jacket was the main goal of the shopping trip. I have a couple of nice coats, but, because I wear leg braces, I get super warm when I wear them. The leg braces already trap some of my body heat, I use my entire body to walk since I use my crutches, and both of the jackets I own have fleece liners. So I end up an unhappy, sweaty mess. But, if I don't wear a coat I get asked constantly if I'm cold. And judged and eyes rolled at me when I say I'm not. So, I bought a waterproof, non fleece lined windbreaker.

I also wanted to try and find some new shoes. So, I went to Payless. No luck, but I accidentally left my phone on a bench in the store, and didn't realize it til I went to pay for some candles at Bath and Body Works. I had a 20 percent off coupon in my email. I pat my pocket and realize my phone is gone. So, my carelessness cost me 20 dollars in savings, but at least someone kindly turned my phone in and I didn't have to deal with replacing it.

And that's about all the randomness I've got for this week. Any random happenings you want to share?


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh gosh, what a crazy week! I'm glad that you weren't too hurt on the bus, but that's so awful!! And I'm glad your phone wasn't completely lost. That would have been awful.

Yay for some nice retail therapy though. I read A Wrinkle in Time for the first time a couple years ago - just the first one - and it's really good. I'm excited about the movie!


Melissas Midnight Musings said...

Lauren--A crazy week is right! I'm enjoying a lazy day off today though, which is nice. I didn't even know there was more than one book in the Time series, until my husband pointed it out. I'm excited to read it, and exited to see the movie too. :)