Sunday, December 16, 2012

Review: Broken Christmas by David S. Henderson

Broken Christmas: Three Stories of ChristmasTitle: Broken Christmas:  Three Stories of Christmas
Author: David S. Henderson
Publisher: Pope, Harrington. & Castro Press
Published: October 7 2012
Format: E-book
Pages: 52
Source: Received from the author
in exchange for an honest review
Read: December 4, 2012
In A Few Words:  Short, Heartwarming
My Rating: 4 stars

Goodreads Synopsis:

Broken Christmas is a compilation of three short stories about Christmas.

In the first, “Fourth Wish,” a skid row resident finds himself leading a trio of privileged but neglected youths on Christmas Eve. Through their journey the homeless man fulfills their Christmas wishes, showing that sometimes those who need help the most are the ones who help others the greatest.

The second; “Best Christmas Ever,” is an eight year old's “glass half full” remembrance of a Christmas Eve his parents would rather forget.

The third story, “Broken Christmas” tells of a soldier who leaves the frozen battlefield behind and goes home for Christmas via his dreams.

Melissa's Musings:

All of these stories are sweet and to the point. The first story, the Fourth wish shows the power of helping out, when three boys help out a man down on his luck and in return he gives them things and adventures that all the money they are surrounded with can't buy.

"Best Christmas Ever" is the funniest of all the stories by far being that it has the most odd things going on in it. The 8 year old's uncle comes back to visit...after having escaped lockup. The rest of the family has told the boy that his Uncle has been away working in Australia, so there are all these references to a job in Australia. Then the familys' lost dog comes home pregnant and proceeds to have ten puppies in a box in the garage. The boy's sister  also comes home pregnant. And then, there's a fireworks explosion. An eventful Christmas story, to say the least.

All I'll say about "Broken Christmas" is that the ending will tug at your heartstrings just a little.

Overall, this is a nice collection of stories. The overall message goes well with the title in that even though holidays and families may sometimes be dysfunctional or "broken" you can always try to make the best of what you've got.

The only negative about the collection of stories is that they felt just a bit wordy.  A bit of paring down of some repeated phrases and tightening up language in other spots would make this perfect.

Have any of you ever had any "broken" Christmases where things didn't go quite as planned but you made the best of it anyway?


MissKimberlyStardust said...

Great review! I always love hearing about new heartwarming reads around the holidays :) Thanks for sharing!
-Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

Melissas Midnight Musings said...

Thanks Kimberly!